Microsoft Defies Expectations As Windows 7 Sales See a Boost

Windows 7 Sales In 2012 Boost

Despite an upcoming version of Windows, people are still buying Windows 7.

The announcement of Windows 8 doesn’t seem to have impacted Windows 7, which continues to sell

Microsoft’s latest quarterly revenues defied expectations, as Windows 7 sales were expected to slow ahead of Windows 8’s launch later this year. Instead, they rose.

Quarterly revenues at Microsoft rose by six percent to reach a record $17.4 billion, while net income for the three months to March was $5.11 billion.

The were down to a four percent increase in Windows 7 sales. Analysts had expected the operating system’s sales to fall by four percent, as they had predicted consumers would want to wait for the release of Windows 8. Windows 8 is expected to launch Windows 8 later this year, and a preview version of Office 15 during the autumn.

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s attempt to reignite the company’s efforts to re-enter the tablet market, particularly through the Metro UI which brings large and colorful tiles to the platform. Microsoft are also pushing the Windows Store and apps, and consequently hopes to eat into Apple’s dominance in the tablet market. The tech giant currently owns 50 percent of the tablet market; the new iPad sold three million units during its first weekend on sale.

The company saw a huge decline in sales for the Xbox, by nearly 50 percent during the last quarter to 1.4 million units. The decline is sales is likely linked to devices such as the iPad, as more consumers favour portability and short experiences are console ‘boxes’ and buying expensive retail products. Max Payne can be bought on iOS for $3.

Integrating services

Microsoft is also trying to compete with Google as the company pushes its search engine, Bing. The company has also launched the Bing desktop client – which literally allows people to search the web from the desktop – and has integrated an Xbox-specific version into the latest dashboard update.

If Microsoft can integrate Kinect, Windows 8, Xbox Live and Bing into one then they could have very exciting mix. Browsing on my Xbox with Kinect and sharing pages and video to my PC and smartphone is the stuff of dreams, and would rival app in terms of an integrated ecosystem.

Published: Saturday, April 21st, 2012 Last Modified: April 21, 2012

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