Microsoft DebutsMicrosoft Health App

Keeping healthy with technology is the trend of the next few years, as wearables quickly become the focus of all the major technology companies. Microsoft isn’t far behind, and have come out with wearables of their own. Now, on Wednesday, Microsoft highlighted its latest, the Microsoft Health App.

The Microsoft Health App is made for all platforms, including Windows Phone, Android, and iPhone. The full health app allows for achieving fitness goals, setting health goals, and maintaining your health, all with mobile technology as the background of the future.

Microsoft Health App Debuts On Mobile Devices

The Health App

The Microsoft Health app is made to delivery guided workouts, 24-hour heart rate monitoring, and activity counting all the time. It is set to give you calendar alerts to help you stay focused, an allows Windows Phone users to integrate Cortana into the workout to help schedule workouts for the user.

The app is made to help consumers stay healthy, and give mobile technology wearers the best possible experience while staying healthy. The ability to keep your health journals on the phone, makes it easy to maintain and have at a moments notice, and Microsoft is seeing the future in wearables like this for them.

Microsoft's Health App Allows For Tracking Of Sleep, Exercise and More

Health App Plus Microsoft Band

Where the Microsoft Health app really takes focus is when users pair it with the Microsoft Band. As we highlighted in previous posts, the Microsoft Band is Microsoft’s first generation wearable device, and has a ton of health features. Teamed up with Microsoft Health, the duo can keep almost anyone in shape.

The Microsoft Health App is free, and available starting Wednesday from the Windows Phone Store, Google Play, and App Store on iTunes. It can be used solo or with Microsoft Band, and is a great app if you are looking to stay fit. The health priority is something a lot of tech companies are aiming for, and Microsoft is the big dog in the fight. With companies like Apple and Google making wearables, Microsoft knows that they can keep users happy if they give them great mobile apps, and team it up with great technology as well.

I like this health app from Microsoft. I haven’t tried the Band, but I might soon.

Published: Thursday, November 6th, 2014 Last Modified: November 6, 2014

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