Microsoft Debuts The Interview On Xbox Video

The movie “The Interview” has gotten a lot of news lately, as the Sony picture was pulled from major movie houses in the US, in light of the Sony hacking whom was done by North Korea, according to reports. But, moviegoers can now enjoy the movie from home, thanks to Xbox Video and Microsoft.

Microsoft announced a partnership with Sony Pictures to debut the movie on its Xbox Video services, and starting at 10am on 12/24, they could begin watching the movie from home. It’s available for Windows Phone, Xbox, PC, or tablet users, as long as they have Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

Microsoft Debuts The Interview On Xbox Video

First Major Release On Xbox Video

While there is a ton of controversy surrounding “The Interview”, the major tech angle on this circles around its availabilty on Xbox Video, Google Play, and YouTube Movies. It’s the first major release of a Hollywood film directly to online sources, and according to late reports, has been quite a success.

A number of movies have come to these services after their initial debut in movie theatres, but with this film only being shown in independent theatres, it meant that more online channels needed to be attempted. With Xbox Video getting involved, its shows off the power of free speech plus the power of online video.

Microsoft Shows Off Xbox Video With Debut Of The Interview

Microsoft Believing In Free Speech

With the power of this film being shown on Xbox Video, it shows that Microsoft is willing to get involved in a tricky political issue, as well as an online adventure at the same time. Google and Microsoft are two of the biggest tech companies in the world, and are teaming up to allow users to view this film from home.

Microsoft is also going up against Apple on this technical feat. Apple according to reports was asked to host the video and allow iTunes users to watch and download the film, but said no to it due to political concerns. Microsoft by allowing it, is showing they aren’t afraid, and it will bring more attention to Xbox Video as well.

This was a bold and strong move by Microsoft. Now, users in the US can enjoy “The Interview”, and see it for themselves without worries.

Published: Sunday, December 28th, 2014 Last Modified: December 28, 2014

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