Microsoft Debuts New iOS And Android Keyboard

Microsoft is known for its software and its hardware, but its keyboards and mouse products are used by millions around the globe as well. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced a brand new keyboard that is geared towards the iOS and Android tablet market, showing its growth for non-Windows devices.

the new Universal Mobile Keyboard, is a new product announced by Microsoft, and is scheduled to be released in October. It’s geared towards tabet users looking for the best keyboard available, and Microsoft is giving tablet users something to be greatly desired.

Microsoft Debuts New Universal Mobile Keyboard For Tablets

Android Tablet Friendly

The first thing that Android users will find familiar with this new Microsoft keyboar is the uniqueness of it. It has an Android home key and a cmd key, which generally is only found in Apple type keyboards. This type of differentiation shows that Microsoft is gearing this product specifically towards Android users.

Microsoft makes a number of consumer and enterprise keyboards, but this is the only one geared towards Android users. With its unique keyboard typing areas, keys, and command keys, it is aiming for Android users. With its Office and OneNote products, Microsoft is courting Android users like crazy, and this keyboard is one that they will want ASAP.

Microsoft's New Tablet Keyboard Can Make Nexus 7 Tablets Shines

Priced At $79.95

This new universal keyboard for Android and iOS tablets is set for launch in October, and is aiming for a $79.95 pricepoint, which is very competitive to other keyboards in the market. It will have six months of usage on a single charge, and require only a 10 minute charge to charge it for a full days usage. A definite plus for many active Android and iOS tablet users, who use keyboards actively.

It will also have a stand built into it where it will be able to hold the tablet in place, and has a protective shell to protect it against daily usage. This new keyboard is very interesting and is a unique product for Microsoft. It is geared for a US only release at first, and then branching out around the globe in future months, according to Microsoft.

This new Universal Mobile Keyboard is exciting. I can’t wait to try it, and test it out.

Published: Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 Last Modified: September 17, 2014

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