Microsoft Debuts Digital Gift Cards For Holidays

Microsoft realizes that holiday gifts are often hard to buy for the average techie, and knows that geeks are often the hardest ones to purchase for. So, for the holidays, Microsoft is bringing out holiday digital gift cards, and they can please any Windows or Xbox fan among us.

The updated and new holiday digital gift cards issued from Microosft can save the average gift buyer from embarrassment and stress. These gift cards can be purchased online and delivered at the last minute, meaning that the geek or techie on your holiday list will get their digital gift.

Microsoft Debuts Digital Gift Card App

Digital Gift Cards

The ability to send digital gift cards isn’t new in the tech space, but for Microsoft it is for 2014. It has been transformed into its own app, and gives digital gift cards to Xbox and Windows fans. Users can install the app on their Windows Phone device, PC, or tablet, and it makes it easy to send the gift.

The gift giver can choose the amount that they want to give, pick a design from a truly amazing list of designs available from within the app, and add their own personal message. The app then sends the gift to the giftee via email, and then the person get it and can use it for whatever they wish.

Microsoft Shows Off Digital Gift Card App For Windows Phone

How To Use Gift Cards

These digital holiday gift cards can be used to purchase a wide variety of services and products from Microsoft. It allows users to purchase apps, games, songs, and films from Microsoft. Some of the most popular ones are Family Guy, NFL Showdown, and a wide selection of apps available via the Deals Hubs Collections.

All users have to do is download and install the digital gift cards app for free from the applicable store, and go from there. It installs in seconds and allows the gift giver to get last minute gifts to the recipient. It’s a great app, and makes the average digital card to become more usable from Microsoft.

Microsoft has made digital gift giving easy. This app is fun and easy to use.

Published: Sunday, December 28th, 2014 Last Modified: December 28, 2014

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