Microsoft Debuts 2 New Worldly Nokia Phones

When Microsoft purchased the Nokia brand of phones and products, Microsoft made it a point to keep the Nokia name as well. The Nokia name has a special ring about it globally, and Microsoft knows this brand power. This week, Microsoft unveiled two new Nokia phones, and their aim is to sell globally, not locally.

The Nokia 222 and Nokia 222 Dual-SIM phones are special low-end phones, but have enough fire power and abilities to make phone calls and surf the web from around the world. While neither of these phones are going to attract the Android and iPhone crowds over, a large portion of the world still depends on these types of phones.

Microsoft Debuts Two Feature Rich Feature Phones

Nokia 222 and Nokia 222 Dual-SIM

These new two Internet-enabled phones are feature phones for sure, and don’t pack the multi-functioning power of their larger Nokia cousins. It’s meant to last the test of time, and sports the Opera Mini Browser to do that. It also has a 2 mega-pixel camera, and has the ability to share photos with Skype, Facebook Messenger, and more.

Both of these phones also have 29 days of standby time, and 20 hours of talk time for both. The built-in FM player will allow for music anywhere, and both sport an MP3 player built in. Gamers also get a free Gameloft game per month, and the phones support MicroSD cards with up to 32GB of storage, making both very intriguing phones.

Microsoft's Nokia Feature Phones Sport Long Talk Time and Standby Times

Availability and Reasoning

The Nokia 222 and Nokia 222 Dual-SIM are going to be available in glossy black and white, and with a matching color keyboard. It will be available globally for only $37, before taxes and subsidies. It has a 2.4″ QVGA display, weighs only 79 grams, and supports Bluetooth 3.0 for music playing and hands-free actions.

Microsoft sees these lines of Nokia phones as very important to the global market. There are many places where the $37 price point is still very attractive, and is a high achievement for some. It packs a great number of features for that price, and gives users a quality Nokia phone versus a clumsy phone for the price.

The Nokia 222 is a great feature phone. If you need a spare or a phone for global travels, this is one for you.

Published: Saturday, August 29th, 2015 Last Modified: August 29, 2015

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