Microsoft Crushes Sony To Remain King Of Consoles In December

Who says that Microsoft isn’t doing too well in console sales? The latest report issued by the NPD Group on Thursday gave its monthly tally for console sales for December. As expected, Microsoft remained number one in the results and came in first and third overall.

With its huge numbers, Microsoft remained king of consoles for December 2014. With Sony touting more Playstation 4 sales overall, due to a larger global launch, Microsoft actually outsold them in the US last month, and shows that their strategy at least in the US is working out.

Xbox One Is Number One During December 2013 Sales

December 2013 Results

In the December 2013 results, Microsoft sold 908,000 Xbox Ones to customers in the US. At $500 per unit that is a ton of money, and should be included in Microsoft’s upcoming earnings report next month. The Xbox 360 as well still remains a dominating platform with 643,000 units sold, and makes 1.5 million consoles overall sold.

I absolutely love these types of numbers, since it shows that Sony despite its overall global sales, still suffered in the US. That could be because of constraints on units at the retail level or other things to be honest. But, with 1.5 million consoles sold in December, Microsoft is clearly a gaming company with $750 million in sales to show it.

Xbox 360 Still #3 Overall From Microsoft In December 2013 Sales

Microsoft Selling Top Games In December As Well

In the report, the breakdown on games sold in December 2013 is also important. Microsoft took six of the top 10 sports for the next generation sales, that include GTA V, Call Of Duty Ghosts, Madden 2014, and Battlefield 4. With an astounding number of top 10 games for the Xbox One, gamers are clearly enjoying the Xbox One and its titles to begin.

These types of gaming numbers and reports are great for gamers, and people interested in the Xbox One and Microsoft. Microsoft clearly has a huge hit on their hands, and they sold 4.8 million retail units YTD for the Xbox One. These types of numbers show that gamers want games on the Xbox One despite some other press reports.

I love my Xbox One, and think it’s the future. The Playstation 4 might have a $100 cheaper price, but people want their Xbox’s first.

Published: Friday, January 17th, 2014 Last Modified: January 17, 2014

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