Microsoft Courting Developers To New Build 2016 Event

The Build Event from Microsoft has quickly become one of the more exciting shows in the country to attend. On Friday, Microsoft announced the opening to registration of Build 2016, and means developers will be rushing to register.

On their Build page on the Microsoft site, Microsoft announced that on January 19th, 2016, Build 2016 will be open to registration. The $2195 price might scare away some independent developers, but will surely sell out quickly.

Microsoft Announces Registation Details For Build 2016

Build 2016 Details

Microsoft has the dates of March 30 to Apri 1st earmarked for the Build 2016 event. This is important as its early in the year, and should gather lots of interest. While no schedule has been posted, it will be interesting.

The $2195 registration price is ideal for larger companies to send their programmers and enthusiasts, and get Windows developers interested. The latest tools and technologies will be shown and be highlighted there.

Microsoft Brings Build 2016 Details To All

Why San Francisco?

Many developers are wondering why the Build show is constantly being held in San Francisco, and not in Washington where Microsoft has its engineers and headquarters. Microsoft hasn’t commented publicly on this request yet.

Easily, the move to San Francisco is meant to court the local users and developers in the Bay Area. It does mean that east coast developers and companies have to travel further, but Microsoft knows that they will for the Build 2016 show.

If you love and build for Windows, Build 2016 is for you. Get to the site early, and snag your registration to Build 2016 quickly.

Published: Wednesday, January 20th, 2016 Last Modified: January 20, 2016

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