Microsoft Courting Developers To Build In 2015

Microsoft has shown in 2014, that its Windows Store is a big thing, and has courted top developers to build apps for Windows and distribute them on the Windows Store. On Wednesday, went through a list of changes for 2015, which should encourage more developers to build in 2015.

In its blog post, Microsoft took a look at 2014, and is giving developers a number of updates to its developer program. Some of them are slightly more technical, but should encourage developers to build for Windows in the year ahead, and make sure that they continue building Windows programs for all.

Microsoft Helps Developers With 2015 Windows Store Updates

Better Payment and Monetization Options

The first thing that Microsoft is doing in 2015, is helping developers get paid via new carrier billing arrangements. Microsoft has talked with Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Mexico, and a number of other countries. Now, it has 81 connections across 46 markets to make this billing option available to all.

Second, Microsoft will be focusing on in-app advertising to help developers on their programs. In app advertising has grown across Windows programs, and this means more advertising possibilities for developers. This will also help Microsoft build out Windows Store programs with advertisers as well.

Microsoft Makes Windows Store Easier For Developers In 2015

Other Updates

Next, Microsoft is making increased options for app discovery. They are doing this by expanding its collections and deals hub to developers, and increasing its investments in advertising and promotions. They want a high quality user experience as well. This should encourage developers to get more apps there quicker.

Lastly, Microsoft is enhancing the Windows App Studio Beta, and making it easier for anyone to build an app. They have had a lot of positive feedback with this tool, and developers love it too. Additionally, the Windows Dev Center will be easier to update, and get users into it, with a series of upgrades.

Windows Store is a great place for apps. In 2015, it will get bigger and better.

Published: Friday, January 2nd, 2015 Last Modified: January 2, 2015

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