Microsoft Continues to Improve Relationship with Open Source Developers

Microsoft Open Technologies More Open Source Projects

New subsidiary aims to build on good relationships with open source community.

Microsoft Open Technologies has launched with aim of building greater relationships with the open source community

Microsoft has been pretty so-so with the open source community. With people who are using Kinect to push new techniques forward, Microsoft hasn’t supported them outside of the Kinect Labs program on Xbox Live. However, Microsoft are showing signs that they are changing their minds. The company is launching a new subsidiary, called Microsoft Open Technologies.

Microsoft officially say that the aim is to “advance the company’s investment in openness. The team will be lead by Jean Paoli, one of the inventors of XML, and his Interoperability Strategy Team. He will serve as President of Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.

He says the team will provide the “open source building blocks” across a variety of platforms, including .NET in Windows Azure and the open source communities in the company’s own Windows Phone.

The post adds that Microsoft will continue to engage with the open source communities, working with foundations such as Outercurve Foundation and the Apache Software Foundation. Paoli says Microsoft Open Technologies is evidence of “Microsoft’s long-term commitment to interoperability, greater openness” and working with the open source communities.

Microsoft also said they are supporting “thousands” of open source communities, including Linux, which run on the company’s platforms. The subsidiary will help to encourage communication between Microsoft and the communities, the post says.

It will also be faster and easier to release open source software with Open Technologies, along with accepting contributions from the community. It will give customers “greater opportunity and choice” to bridge Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies in diverse environments.

Paoli said there will be more news in the coming months.

Microsoft in top 20 Linux contributors

In the Linux Foundation findings, Microsoft added on percent of the kernel’s new code between versions in 2010 and 3.2 this January. This have improved, especially since Steve Ballmer described the OS as “a cancer.”

The contributions almost came by chance: Microsoft was cleaning up its Hyper-V drivers, but were found to contain GPL and Microsoft’s own code. GPL doesn’t allow open and closed source in public projects, so Microsoft released the drivers to the open source community.

Published: Friday, April 13th, 2012 Last Modified: April 13, 2012

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