Microsoft Confirm Halo 5 For 2014

There were a few rumours that the next iteration of Halo was to be delayed but Microsoft have squashed this.

Next-Gen Halo Highly Anticpated

The next iteration of the Halo franchise was in most people’s lists of the games they were anticipating highly in 2014.

There are still doubts among many the gaming community, however, that we would not see Halo 5 until sometime in 2015.

Halo 5 2014

We do not even know what the next Halo will be known as or if it is even to be called Halo 5 but we can at least rest assured that, despite confusing surrounding the release date,we can indeed expected it to hit the shelves sometime in 2014.

Microsoft Confirm Halo 5 2014 Release

Speaking on Twitter, Microsoft’s Rob Semsey put all the rumours to bed and urged fans to stay calm while reassuring them that Halo 5 or whatever the next entry to the series will be called will still hit the shelves this year.

We still don’t have any release date confirmed by either Microsoft or the games developers 343 Industries, but this latest announcement should at least reassure fans of the games progress.

Microsoft Halo 5 Tweet

The rumours started because the game did not make it on Microsoft’s official release list of games that are coming to the platform in 2014. It turned out, however, that the only reason it did not make this list is because the game publishers and developers have yet to agree on a name for the game.

Halo To Be Among Other Big Titles in 2014

Halo 5 is set to be one of the system’s flagship titles and Microsoft will be hoping it will drive system sales even further.

Other notable titles that are being released in 2014, and did make the official 2014 release list include Watch Dogs, Titanfall , Sunset Overdrive and The Division.

Halo Set For 2014 Release

Halo is a franchise that is closely associated with Microsoft’s Xbox consoles so you can expect the release and launch build up to gather a lot of hype. Once we know what the game is actually going to be called that is.

Published: Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 Last Modified: January 8, 2014

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