Microsoft Collaborates To Build A Windows 8 Powered Ford Mustang

Microsoft Mustang West Coast Customs Project Detroit
If the words Windows 8 and American muscle car excite you, then Microsoft’s latest side project with West Coast Customs would excite you a lot more.

West Coast Customs And Microsoft Build Microsoft Technologies In To A Ford Mustang

Microsoft has been looking for ways to show off the sheer ingenuity behind all of their latest technologies and they have been looking for one single place to show it off. But when you take all the best things you have got and need to put it in to one project, you can’t be satisfied with something small.

So Microsoft paid a visit to the famous West Coast Custom garage where AAA-list celebrities get their cars customized. After the famous Pimp My Car show, West Coast Customs now has another show on the Discovery’s Velocity network called Inside West Coast Customs. It is on this show that you will get to see how Microsoft and the crew at WCC changed one 2012 Ford Mustang in to a fantastic custom work. Code named Project Detroit, the resulting piece of work looks like it was picked up by aliens in 1967.

How The Windows Powered Mustang Was Made

West Coast Customs took a brand new 2012 Ford Mustang and fitted a replica 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback replica body on top. Then they fitted it with two Kinects for skeletal tracking and live streaming video feeds — one for the back and one for the front; one Xbox 360 for a fantastic time gaming on the go; swipe-able touchscreen dashboard and the rear windshield was turned in to a customizable display that can play video, show images and even display messages. I would personally go a on a crowded street and flash “I see what you did there” every now and then just to freak some people out.

You phone might not have 4G but this car does and it is connected to the cloud through Windows Azure and everything is controlled by Windows 8 Metro apps. Best thing is that coding enthusiasts will be able to download the code soon from CodePlex and make their own awesome stuff.

The airing of the show is slated for March 25, 9:00pm PT/ET on Discovery’s Velocity Network.

Published: Sunday, March 25th, 2012 Last Modified: March 25, 2012

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