Microsoft: Cloud Computing Will Generate Over 9 Million Jobs by 2015

Cloud Computing Job Boosts

The Asia Pacific will receive a boost in jobs from cloud computing by 2015.

Microsoft say that cloud computing will drive jobs again, this time in the Asia Pacific, by 2015

Earlier this year, Microsoft said that cloud computing would drive jobs in India. This time, the company says that cloud computing will do the same by 2015 in the Asia Pacific.

Microsoft published research commissioned to be conducted by the IDC, which said that 9.62 million jobs would be created in the region. The research also says that the study will generate 14 million jobs worldwide by 2015. Cloud computing will “significantly stimulate IT innovation and revenue,” with estimated revenues of $1.1 trillion by 2015, the study says. In order to come to those conclusions, the IDC analysed cloud computing in over 40 countries.

The study also said that emerging markets will see more jobs thanks to cloud computing, especially China and India. China alone will have 4 million jobs in cloud computing by 2015, rising 84 percent in 2012.

India will have 2.75 million jobs by 2015, and combined China and India will account for 12 percent of global cloud computing services. The reason for this is that, as they are emerging market, there is little stopping them from adopting the service.

The IDC also categorizes the industries which have the fastest job growth, thanks to cloud computing:

• Communications and media: the fastest-growing sector in Asia with 1.8 million jobs. That’s a rise of 113 percent from 2012. Pretty crazy
• Education: 567,000 will be created by cloud, rising 98 percent from 2012
• Government: 315,000 jobs, a 75 percent increased on 2012

Windows Server 8 beta

Microsoft also announced that Windows Server 8’s beta will be free, in exchange for giving feedback on the service.

Users can sign up to the service, and get 10GB of storage. Microsoft have said it’s only for Windows Server 8, and wants users to send feedback in return. Windows 8 also integrates SkyDrive into the operating system this time, allowing users to save and upload files. The service also support remote access, so users can view files when they’re away from a computer.

Windows 8 is set to release later this year.

Published: Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 Last Modified: April 4, 2012

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