Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Officially Confirms Windows 8 For Phones

Talking at a Microsoft shareholders’ meeting, CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed Windows 8 phones

Windows 8 Might Be Coming To Phones Next Year

Windows 8 Will Be On Phones As Well: Confirms Ballmer

The Windows team and officials at Microsoft have been talking about unifying the desktop and phone for a long time. We have known for a long time that Windows 8 will work on phones. However, no one from Microsoft actually officially said that Windows 8 will work on phones, until earlier this week.

During a shareholders’ meeting, Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer unveiled the fact that Windows 8 would be working on phones as well. So far all the reports on Windows 8 phones were based on rumors and educated assumptions. This is the first time any Microsoft official has actually talked about it. Answering a question about the post-PC era, Steve had this to say after saying we will always be in the Windows era:

“We are driving Windows down to the phone with Windows 8.”

This means that Windows 8 is coming to phones. It does not mean that it will behave and feel just like the Windows 8 we are trying out right now. Even though the developers have been talking about unifying the platforms, we have to wait for a glimpse of Windows 8 running on ARM chips to know what it might look like on phones.

A feature that will certainly be included in the Windows 8 Phone version is the Metro UI because it was originally adapted from the Windows Phone 7 platform (see user tiles). Other than the UI, the core features are likely to remain the same across devices — achieving a kind of inter-device synergy that does not exist at the moment.

Published: Friday, November 18th, 2011 Last Modified: April 2, 2012

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