Microsoft Buys Talko From Former Executive Ray Ozzie

Microsoft has been on a huge buying frenzy as of late, and the number of acquisitions to end 2015 are in the record books. On Monday, Microsoft announced another company purchase, this time from former Microsoft Executive Ray Ozzie.

On Mondat, Microsoft announced that they purchased Talko, which has been a startup from Ray Ozzie. The technology is expected to join Skype’s group of technologies, and this adds to the list of companies that the Redmond based company has aquired in 2015.

Microsoft Purchases Talko Mobile Communications On Monday

What Is Talko?

Many people probably aren’t familiar with Talko, and that’s not a shocker. The company is based on a mobile app that was built for business team communications, and launched in September 2014. It got some traction, and has thousands of businesses signed up.

Why Microsoft would buy this company is still a mystery, since Talko has a number of business clients, but nothing overall substancial. Ray Ozzie was rumored to have re-joined Microsoft in the purchase, but late news on Monday cancelled that idea.

Microsoft's Former Exec Ray Ozzie Seen As Talko CEO

Welcoming Talko Onboard

In their blog post on Monday, Microsoft didn’t have a ton of details to share on the purchase. They stated they bought the mobile app, and the Talko employees would be joining Microsoft from their locations. It is going to join Skype and Skype for Business.

Many are thinking that Talko was simply a purchase for Skype’s business unit, and gives enterprise users a stronger communication tool. Talko is still a young product, but perhaps its strong core technology might have intrigued Microsoft overall to purchase it today.

Talko joins Skype, and now joinS Microsoft. It should close soon, and we should see it in a Microsoft product soon.

Published: Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 Last Modified: December 22, 2015

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