Microsoft Buys Mobile Email App Maker Acompli

As the world of mobile technology continues to grow, companies are making more of an effort to make sure users are mobile first. Microsoft realizes this, and on Monday, announced they spent $200 million to purchase mobile email app maker Acompli, which was rumoured on Friday by many insiders.

The move to expand Microsoft’s mobile and email world builds on the companies mobile efforts during 2014. Microsoft has worked hard to build out apps for Android and iOS clients, and now Acompli will be able to bring their expertise to them as well, which specializes in these platforms.

Microsoft Purchases Accompli For $200 Million

Who Is Acompli?

Acompli is an email app maker who has dedicated its resources to make apps for both the Android and iOS market. They know email and mobile technology, and their email app shows it. Their apps allow users to triage email according to when it wants to be read, helps users focus on email, and find out what needs attention first.

Acompli’s apps also allow users to share available times, schedule meetings, and integrate it tightly with the email app. It’s built in attachment manager helps users view and attach files from Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Additional advanced search tools in the apps also make email better with Acompli’s apps.

Microsoft's New Accompli Purchase Means Email Apps Get Smarter

Why Microsoft Needs Acompli

Based on what Acompli can bring to the table with its apps, its a more professional set of mobile apps than what Microsoft has currently. It’s a set of apps that keeps professionals organized, and ones that can tightly fit into the Office 365 set of tools. They cover both Android and iOS, and expands on Microsoft’s plans in the mobile world.

The $200 million that Microsoft is rumoured to have spent on Accompli is a rather small amount based on the amount of cash the company has in the bank. This can be recovered quickly with Office 365 subscriptions, and make sure that enterprise customers stay with Microsoft. It’s a strong purchase and one needed by Microsoft.

This was a smart move by Microsoft. Accomplimakes great apps and now they are part of Microsoft.

Published: Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014 Last Modified: December 2, 2014

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