Microsoft Buys BlueStripe & Launches Dual Chargers

Microsoft was a very busy company on Wednesday, with a number of announcements about the company and its products. The announcements covered a wide area of the company and is sure to continue during the week. Two of the biggest were on a acquisition and new dual chargers for phones.

The most interesting news on Wedneday circled mid-day, as Microsoft announced the purchase of BlueStripe, which is a enterprise level company. The other news about new products, circled around new dual chargers, that can be used to charge phones, and keep devices going for a longer period of time.

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BlueStripe Acquisition

Microsoft on Wednesday, announced the acquisition of BlueStripe, and this adds to its ownership of companies in the enterprise space. The company focuses on solutions that help map, monitor, and troubleshoot distributted datacenter and cloud environments, perfect for Azure.

Right now, companies use BlueStripe to extend the value of Microsoft System Center, and now they can be used easier together. Microsoft realizes that companies, applications and data are held in clouds across the world, and BlueStripes software keeps companies secure and their data managed well.

Microsoft Announces Set Of Portable Chargers

New Power Chargers Announced

As mobile devices use more and more power, the need for portable power chargers has grown as well. Microsoft realizes this, and has launched three new power chargers for users. They come in three sizes, from 5200 mAh, 9000 mAh, and 12000 mAH, and can charge almost anything.

They come with two different USB ports, and can charge a number of devices. It will leave the user with power anywhere, and they are small enough to be put in a bag or backpack. They are available soon from the Microsoft Store, and pricing starts at $35, $45, and $55 USD.

Both the BlueStripe and charger deals are big news. A new company comes aboard, and more power should please mobile professionals.

Published: Thursday, June 11th, 2015 Last Modified: June 11, 2015

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