Microsoft Business Users Get Small Business Academy & BI Contest

Business and enterprise users often get a lot of new products, but they aren’t very entertaining. On Monday, Microsoft unveiled a new Office Small Business Academy and unveiled a new Power BI Contest.

The new Power BI contest is giving users a $5000 prize for the best report. With the Office Small Business Academy, Microsoft is giving users a new educational tool to understand Office 365 and its workings.

Microsoft Hosts Unique Power BI Report Contest

Power BI Best Report Contest

Microsoft unveiled its new Power BI Best Report contest, and is giving users a $5000 prize. The contest requires Power BI desktop users to create a report that shows creativity and Power BI in their world.

The contest will involve a .PBIX file, a 150-word description, a thumbnail image of the report, and a 1-3 minute video of the report. Microsoft will post results on February 3rd, and post the winning entry on February 14th, 2016.

Microsoft Helps Small Businesses With Office Small Business Academy Web Series

Office Small Business Academy

Additionally, Microsoft on Monday also announced the new Office Small Business Academy. This online monthly webcast will focus on ways for small businesses to utilize Office, and how to grow their businesses.

The webcast will have CNBC’s Carol Roth disucssing business plans, Evan Carmichael talking about achieving goals, and finally Gigaom’s Stowe Boyd taking about working smarter, and not harder.

Power BI is a unique and amazing tool, and this contest will showcase their skills. Office Small Business Academy will help business owners grow and become stronger.

Published: Friday, January 15th, 2016 Last Modified: January 15, 2016

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