Microsoft Builds Surface Programs For Enterprise

It’s no secret that the Surface line of products has been very popular in the enterprise, but Microsoft is eager to get more business using the product. On Tuesday, Microsoft rolled out two new programs to encourage businesses to use Surface products.

On Tuesday, Microsoft unveiled a new warranty program for Surface products, and is aimed on getting the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 units into businesses. The new warranty programs should work, and is a good thing to do.

Microsoft Unveils Surface Pro 4 Warranty Program

Complete For Enterprise

The Complete for Enterprise program is going to be a three-year warranty, and covers all kinds of accidental damage. It will also allow enterprises to pool warranty claims by company, and will make it easier to get devices fixed overall.

This type of program is aimed to fix unbootable devices, next=day air for fast replacement of devices, and on-boarding support. These types of solutions are aimed to the enterprise, and should get businesses using Surface products.

Microsoft Gives Enterprises Better Trade-In Options For Surface Book Purchases

Business Devices Trade-In Program

The other program unveiled is the Business Devices Trade-In Program. This will let business customers trade in older devices, and get credit towards newer Surface Pro 4 devices. This will help businesses recycle older units for newer ones.

This new business devices trade-in program is perfect for larger companies with older tablets and laptops, and who want to go towards the Surface Line of products. It will go live in coming weeks, and should be a hit.

Microsoft is gunning towards the enterprise customer. With these Surface programs, it should work.

Published: Wednesday, October 21st, 2015 Last Modified: October 21, 2015

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