Microsoft Building Research Centers In Russia, Spain and France

As Microsoft continues to evolve itself as a global company, the number of global research centers beyond the US continues to grow at an alarming rate. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced that they renewed major partnerships to keep global research centers open in three countries.

The decision ot expand on the major partnerships in Spain, Russia, and France were important to the company, and demonstrate the global impact of computing. The software and hardware research centers will keep Microsoft’s research teams fresh and ideas flowing globally.

Microsoft Expands Global Research Centers Around The Globe

Spain and Russian Renovation

On April 2nd, Microsoft announced the launch of the Madrid Joint Research Center, which is a joint venture between the company and IMDEA Software Institute. This inaugural workshop is set to bring together advances of verification, programming languages, and security. All of these should advance these fields within Microsoft.

On April 7, Microsoft Research and the Lomonosov Moscow State University launched the Joint Research Center there as well. This three year partnership is set to cover big data processing/visualization, computer vision, and major research events for students. Microsoft has had a long history with the MSU, and this latest renewal shows Microsoft’s commitment there.

Microsoft Talks About Russian Expansion And Partnership With Lomonosov MSU Initiative

French Global Center

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced the renewal of the Microsoft Research Inria Joint Center. This partnership in France goes back 10 plus years, and is a joint research facility south of Paris. This center has covered mathematics, distributed systems and security, to computer vision and medical imaging, to machine learning and big data, and to social networks and privacy.

This renewal of the French partnership is estimated to continue through 2017, and shows Microsoft’s commitment to the European region and to France. Microsoft is looking for new and exciting ways to explore big data, and this center is set for that. This collaboration will bring together researchers, academic scholars, and others to analyze data for the common good, and to improve technology as it continues through the decades. It will also show world-class teamwork between the countries, as Microsoft looks for ways to build on its global research centers around the world.

These global initiatives show Microsoft’s global outreach. These three countries will get great data and research done and Microsoft is there to assist.

Published: Thursday, April 10th, 2014 Last Modified: April 10, 2014

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