Microsoft Building A Smartwatch

The goal to make the next big wearable device is something that Samsung, Apple, and other companies are racing to get to the market quickly. But on Thursday, Microsoft was the latest company to be discussed and the discussion was about them building a new smart watch for the future.

The article on Forbes was a breakthrough article, and discussed how Microsoft is putting together a next-generation smartwatch, that will feature a ton of tools for health fans. This wearable might happen as soon as this summer, but no price or official word has been announced.

Microsoft Developing Next-Generation Smartwatch

Smart Watch Details

The smart watch is expected this Summer from Microsoft, and it is supposed to be loaded with sensors. It is expected to measure heart rate, sync with iPhones, Android phones and Windows Phones, and take a lot of the Kinect knowledge into the building of it. This will be easily the biggest watch of the Summer if true.

The watch is expected to measure heart rate throughout the day via the sensors, and feature a two day battery as well. The ability for the smart watch to monitor heart rates is based on what the Kinect devices do now, and will be a huge success if it comes true. A heart rate monitor with apps makes this a great Summer gadget.

Microsoft Is Building A New Smartwatch But This Probably Isn't The Product

Microsoft Has Competition

In this wearables space, Microsoft has a ton of competition already, with Samsung already having delivered two generations of smartwatches with mixed commercial appeal. Apple also is reported to be developing the next smartwatch, and rumors about the iWatch have been around for over a year with engineers working hard already.

The wearables space also has Fitbit, Pebble, and other companies who already have products on the market. If Microsoft can build this, get it to market, and price it competitively is uncertain, but it looks like a very promising wearable device. Microsoft Research has a ton of data already and knows the Kinect well, so putting it all into a watch makes sense for Microsoft. Price and availability are the next things that customers are waiting for.

A smartwatch from Microsoft would be an interesting device. It could be huge, but the wearables space is still a new market for many companies, including Microsoft.

Published: Friday, May 30th, 2014 Last Modified: May 30, 2014

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