Microsoft Building $1.13 billion data center to Iowa

As datacenters continue to grow around the world, the need for datacenters around the US continues to grow as well. Over the weekend, Microsoft announced that they will be building a brand new datacenter in Iowa, which will create jobs and build up Microsoft’s US datacenter presence.

The high tech data center will be worth $1.13 billion, and be built over the next four to five years. Microsoft will be receiving local and state incentives to build the plant there, but will also create upwards of 100 jobs in this facility, which will be huge for both Iowa and Microsoft.

Microsoft Announces New Datacenter To Be Built In Iowa

Microsoft Growing In Iowa

This Iowa datacenter is expected to have upwards of 100 jobs, and be around 154 acres. It is expected to grow $8.2 million in property taxes in the area, and create more jobs in the local area as well. The datacenter is expected to host computer equipment and Microsoft’s online services business.

The investment by Microsoft’s investment in Iowa now approaches upwards of $2 billion in the state, and shows that Iowa is a very important state for Microsoft to grow. It will allow wind farms in the are to create green energy, and is a project that Governor Terry Brandstad in Iowa was proud to announce.

Microsoft Invests Up To $2 Billion In Iowa For Future Of Datacenters And Technology

Why Iowa?

The reason to put datacenters in Iowa marks the progress of datacenters in middle America. Microsoft is expected to develop upwards of 3,000 acres in the area for the datacenter, and is expected to bring other companies in the area. The area is great for tax benefits for the company, it will create jobs, and keep the datacenters in the US.

Iowa is a green state with wind power and this will make it cheaper for Microsoft to build in the area. It will probably be part of the Azure datacenters as Microsoft builds it up over the next few years, and will continue to innovate in Iowa. Microsoft with a $2 million dollar investment in the state shows the Microsoft likes the midwest, and Iowa could be the midwest Redmond in the next few years.

This is great for Iowa and Microsoft. It creates jobs, builds the economy, and makes datacenters cheaper and affordable to operate due to green energy.

Published: Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 Last Modified: April 22, 2014

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