Microsoft Build Show Day 2 Happenings

The Microsoft Build show has been very impressive so far, and developers have gotten a lot of new things to try and experiment with when they get home. Day 2 of the show came with more subtle news than the first day, but users and developers got a lot of interesting things to take notes on for the year.

The day 2 edition of Microsoft Build is often the hardcore part of the show, and is more of the technical demos and such. Microsoft definitely came out with all the bells and whistles on the second day, and the number of items will make 2015 an exciting one, for Windows 10 and for Azure.

Microsoft Showcases Windows 10 On Raspberry Pi During Build Day 2

Windows 10 On Raspberry Pi and Developer Tools

The first thing that took place during the Build show, was the demonstration of Windows 10 on the Raspberry Pi. Microsoft showed off Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi Robot on day 1, but showed the full version off on Raspberry Pi and Arduino. This was a big highlight to showcase Windows 10 for almost anywhere.

Developer tools were the next thing up from Microsoft, and technical news came flying off the stage in droves. New dev tools by the names of Vorlon, Project Oxford, and GitHub Enterprise for Azure were announced. These allow for remotely debugging Javascript, API’s for processing vision and speech, and more.

Microsoft Announces Build Tour Across US In 26 Cities Coming Soon & Hacking Space in San Francisco

While the technical news took a lot by storm, the next piece of news certainly caused some increase of internet traffic. Microsoft showed off ‘’ which is a website to showcase their ability to guess ages and genders based on photos. It got mixed results from the show, and isn’t quite ready for primetime.

The last piece of news that Microsoft showed off during Build, was the announcement of a new Reactor Space in San Francisco. This will be a new place that Microsoft will sponsor that is built for hackers, and more. Additionally, the Build tour across 26 cities in the US was also announced for all attendees.

Build day 2 was a techie day for sure. It still gave developers a lot of new tools to try, and a Raspberry Pi future ahead.

Published: Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 Last Modified: May 2, 2015

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