Microsoft Brings Xbox One To China With Delay

The Xbox One is one of the hottest selling next generation game consoles, and international expansion is something that Microsoft needs to do quickly, to compete with Sony on a larger scale. With some delay, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will be arriving in China, after delays, on September 29th.

There has been a lot of speculation in recent days about the Xbox One launch in China. Microsoft previously announced a delay in bringing the newest gaming and entertainment console to China, but apparently worked out the delays, with the final announcement coming out on Tuesday, to please China gaming fans.

Microsoft Finally Brings The Xbox One To China

First Console in 14 Years

As we have previously noted, this is the first gaming console that will be launching within China for the past 14 years. The gaming sector and world of gaming in China is very strict, and controlled by the government, and the time of launch and games allowed is very controlled as well.

With the initial launch, Microsoft has been given permission to launch the Xbox One with 10 games available at launch. These games will be available in digital format only, and be available via download. They will eventually be available on disc, and Microsoft according to experts in the country, have over 70 other game in the pipeline for future rollout in China.

Microsoft With Delays Delivers The Xbox One To China Gamers Later This Month

Why China?

Many gaming experts may wonder why Microsoft is entering a very fragile gaming market like China. Experts say that China has 500 million gamers in the country, and by getting to a small portion of them, Microsoft can get them interested in the Xbox One. It is the only console available in China, and Sony hasn’t announced any plans to enter China with its Playstation 4 either.

Microsoft is partnering up with local companies in China to launch the Xbox One, with those being BesTV and others. These partners will bring exclusive Chinese content to people and gamers in China, and give them the best of the Xbox One. Whether or not it becomes a success is unknown, but with 500 million gamers, that is a huge market to not enter with the Xbox One.

I can’t wait to see it sellin China. China is a huge gaming market, and they will love the Xbox One for sure.

Published: Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 Last Modified: September 30, 2014

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