Microsoft Brings Sway To iPad and Windows 10 Soon

Sway is one of those Microsoft products that you need to try and experience before giving your opinion on. I’ve tried it a number of times, and find the way it delivers reports and presentations is wonderful. Microsoft on Thursday must have agreed, and announced expansions for the product.

Sway has been available on the desktop for sometime in a limited experience, but the long-term goals for the product have been lingering. Microsoft announced expansions for the product, leading way to an immediately available iPad product, and soon a Windows 10 launch for Sway.

Microsoft Releases Sway For iPad

Sway For iPad Available Today

Sway for the iPad became available starting Thursday on the Apple App Store, and is a free product to download and try. It has been updated with an easier experience to add pictures, videos, and texts to the Sways. Users can also preview their Sways easier with a switch between Edit and Preview modes.

It has also been optimized for the larger iPad screens, in all of the iPad screen formats. Users can view and share their Sways in landscape and portrait mode, and choose a Remix feature to play with additional layouts. This free tool is a fun way to share ideas, photos, and videos, and now for free

Microsoft Announces Sway To Be Available For Windows 10 Later In Year

Sway Coming For Windows 10

A lot of Microsoft followers were questioning the future of Sway beyond Windows 8, and on Thursday, Microsoft eased their woes. They announced that a native Sway experience would be available when Windows 10 launches on July 29. This will be a great experience on the newly designed OS.

The initial release for Sway will be available for PC and tablets and then Microsoft will update the app for full optimization. It will allow users to share and create Sway experiences on all their Windows 10 devices, and use all the features of Windows 10. It will also be available at no charge as well.

Sway is a cool product for creation people. Give it a shot and let us know how you like it today.

Published: Friday, June 26th, 2015 Last Modified: June 26, 2015

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