Microsoft Brings Phamtom Dust To Windows 10 For Free

Phantom Dist is one of the more exciting games to come out of the Xbox timeframe, and it was a huge seller for the studio behind it. Microsoft is now bring Phantom Dust to the Xbox One & Windows 10 for free.

Phantom Dust will be released for free on Tuesday, May 16th across the Xbox and Windows Stores. It will be a Xbox Play Anywhere title, and should get a lot of original Xbox players very excited.

Classic Gamers Savor For Phantom Dust Revival On Windows 10

Single & Multiplayer

With the new port of Phantom Dust, the game will be both a single player and multiplayer mode. The latter multiplayer mode will be competitive, and was one of the original deck-building card system games in its day.

The Xbox One and Windows 10 versions will also have progression syncing across both platforms, and have in-app purchases for users. It is an exciting free game for gamers to dive into quickly and often.

Phantom Dust Arrives On Xbox One and Windows 10

Set In Future With Cards

Phantom Dust is set in the future, and a blanket of dust blanketed the world. Users are given cards to customize their characters, and this mans that users can build exciting characters as time goes on.

Phantom Dust is the second original Xbox title to make its way to the newest consoles, as Voodoo Vince was the first. Sometimes licensing problems cause delays, but classic games like these are often fun to play years later.

Phantom Dust will be available on the Windows Store on Tuesday. No links yet, but stay tuned for fun on Tuesday.

Published: Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 Last Modified: May 16, 2017

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