Microsoft Brings Office To 20 More Android Makers

The Office project has been a valiant and strong effort from Microsoft, and their mobile platform deals have been growing as of late. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced new deals with over 20 new partners, making Office on Android a bigger deal. This marks over 31 partners overall.

Office on Android is very important, as it brings Office to mobile users no matter where they are. By pre-bundling the product on mobile devices already, users won’t have to download it, and can start using it right away. It also brings users Office at anytime with their phones and tablets.

Microsoft Makes Larger Deals To Bring Office To Android Phones and Tablets Worldwide

Over 31 Partners

With the announcement on Tuesday, Microsoft now has 31 different phone and android partners with Office. They include: Axdia International GMBH, Germany; Cube, China; DL, Brazil; General Procurement, U.S.; Grupo Nucleo, Argentina; Haier, China; Inco, Mexico; Ionik GMBH, Germany; Iview, U.S. and Latin America; Multilaser, Brazil; Noblex, Argentina; Pacific (Vulcan), Mexico; Philco, Argentina; Positivo, Brazil; Prestigio, EMEA; Teclast, China; TMAX Digital, North America; and Wortmann, Germany.

This is a very global list of partners, and includes many larger partners and smaller ones. Larger scale deals with LG and Sony as are also included, and this means that devices will get Office pre-installed with Word, Excel, OneNote, OneDrive, and Skype. This is big and a great thing for Office.

Microsoft's Deal WIth Cyanogen Brings Office To OS

Cyanogen Deal Pending

Microsoft also unveiled their deal with Cyanogen, that was marked in April. This deal will bring Office apps to the Cyanogen Open OS Platform, and that is due later this year. This type of deal will give users who want to load Cyanogen’s Open OS on their phones, the choice to use Office as well.

Microsoft’s April deal with Cyanogen is big for both companies, and big for mobile users. Office is one of those products that should be included everywhere, but just takes licensing deals to take it happen. Cyanogen is more of a niche crowd for Android, but shows that Microsoft is listening to them.

Office is gaining space on lots of devices. It should be a good thing and we will see if it grows stronger during the year.

Published: Wednesday, May 27th, 2015 Last Modified: May 27, 2015

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