Microsoft Brings Office Lens App To Android

One of the more interesting Office apps that integrates tightly with Office for mobile, has been the Office Lens app. It’s previously only been available for Windows Phone and iOS, and has left Android users in the cold. That is until Wednesday, when Microsoft released Office Lens for Android finally.

As an Android user myself, I was very happy to see this product get released. It’s one of the best apps for Office, and allows users to take pictures and documents, share them to OneNote, and convery them into a number of file formats for easy storage, sharing, and usability.

Microsoft Releases Office Lens For Android On Wednesday For Free

Features Of Office Lens For Android

With Office Lens for Android, users can convert images of docs, screens, and whiteboard notes into Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and searchable PDF files for viewing and editing. It also enables images to be sent via email, which is perfect for school, business, and sharing on mobile platforms.

Users can also capture business cards and generate contacts, that can be shared to OneNote. It will also recognize corners of documents and clean the corners up for enhancing. Additionally, it identifies printed text via OCR for searchability via OneNote and OneDrive. All of these are awesome features for users on the go.

Microsoft's Office Lens For Android Allows For Easy File Exporting and Savings Of Images

File Formats and Availability

By far, the biggest part of Office Lens for Android is the ability to insert images into OneNote or other PDF files into OneDrive, and allows users to save, export, and share those images. This means that these images can be shared in virtually any document and users can export them into any program they wish.

The program has been in a public preview for a month, but is now available in the Google Play Store for no charge. It works perfectly with Office Mobile, and I’ve used it a lot today in testing. It loads up quick, works very well, and is a nice addition to Android. This is a perfect product done well.

Office Lens App is available today for free. It’s a must download for mobile professionals, and people who store images, photos, or receipts on their phones or anywhere.

Published: Thursday, May 28th, 2015 Last Modified: May 28, 2015

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