Microsoft Brings Bing Pulse To Anyone

One of Bing’s more useful tools is Bing Pulse, but its been a piece of software than has only been available to partnerships or private invitations. Microsoft on Wednesday announced that Bing Pulse would now be available to anyone who wants it, and they can use it anywhere they choose.

Where Bing Pulse shines, is where it allows companies or organizations to poll users or customers using real-time information. It’s been called the modern version of the old-time polling devices where dials were turned for opinions, but more for the digital age.

Microsoft Releases Bing Pulse For Free To Public Users On Wednesday

Where Bing Pulse Works

Where Bing Pulse works is in company marketing efforts and much more. Organizers can point their attendees to a specific URL address, and then they can update the organizer on how the meeting or event is going. The organizer can also send out questions to the users and ask information of the attendees.

This type of information is highly valuable to organizers and businesses, and has been used in large organizations, Fox News, and the Clinton Global Initiative already. It adds by allowing users to react to and listen to information to what people are sayin. It’s still in beta form, but is available for free.

Microsoft Shows Off Updated Bing Pulse Tool Available For Free Until 1/31/15

Free For Now

Microsoft and Bing see Bing Pulse as a highly used item for businesses, and they are giving organizations and business free use of it until January 31, 2015. The idea is to make it a freemium model, and then include professional tools and options for the money making end of the Bing Pulse model.

The idea behind Bing Pulse is to give polling attendees a way to react to information in real-time using 21st century mobile and modern tools. It definitely succeeds in that part, and is a valuable tool. Now that its available in public beta, it means more organizations and businesses can try it out for free.

Users can download it now from Bing. It’s a niche tool, but the best polling tool out there from Bing.

Published: Thursday, December 4th, 2014 Last Modified: December 4, 2014

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