Microsoft Brings Back WinHEC For Developers

Throughout the world of computer tech and trades shows, big names like CES and Comdex maybe the biggest, but one of them still remains a developer favorite. On Friday, Microsoft announced the return of WinHEC, which made developers rejoice in happiness.

Throughout the history of Microsoft and trade shows, WinHEC has always been one of the most successful shows, but the age of trade shows caused it to away. But now, the worldwide and hardware based show will bring a new wave of software and hardware developers to the show when it launches.

Microsoft Brings Back WinHEC Show In China For 2015

How WinHEC Will Work

According to the early details posted on the Microsoft site, Microsoft has stated that the agenda of the show will still have a lot of executive keynotes, and a number of technical training sessions. There will also be a number of Q&A sessions for Windows hardware developers, and technical product managers will be available to speak with during the show.

This type of show is meant to bring together the worldwide community of developers, and highlight the latest changes to Windows hardware. It is meant to bring together executives, engineering managers, engineers and technical product managers at OEMs, ODMs, IHVs, and IDHs who are working with or want to work with Windows technologies. It will bring together the best of Microsoft engineers, and these people love WinHEC.

Microsoft's WinHEC Show Located In Shenzen China In 2015

When and Where?

The first new WinHEC show is scheduled for March 18th and 19th of 2015, in Shenzen China. This location is meant to bring together the best of hardware companies who highlight electrical design, software engineering, and the entire supply chain. This means that the best of Asian developers will be in a central location, and those from other countries can experience the new Chinese computing ecosystem during the WinHEC show.

This new WinHEC show will be a sell out for sure, and it has a proud tradition among its followers. It being in China will be a huge opportunity for Windows hardware engineers, and highlight what China has to offer for the Windows community and hardware makers. WinHEC is truly back, and its back with a new location, and hopefully a new breath of life in China thanks to Microsoft.

I’d love to goto Shenzen for WinHEC. I love China and computing, and this show is the place for it.

Published: Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 Last Modified: October 1, 2014

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