Microsoft Brings Back Free Xbox With PC Program

Students can now look forward to getting an Xbox with their Windows PC purchases, available now
AT&T CEO believes Windows 8 will boost Windows Phone’s market value

Buy A $700 Windows PC, Get A Free Xbox: Students Only

Microsoft has restarted their ‘Buy a Pc, get an Xbox’ campaign where they give away an Xbox to any student who buys a Windows PC worth more then $699. At that low a cut off, almost every current purchase would qualify for that offer. That is good thing because the start off date is almost here — May 20. This promotion is from Microsoft and it is valid on both desktops and laptops, so students don’t need to worry about sacrificing mobility if they want an Xbox.

The best part of this offer is that it is available through a variety of US retailers that include popular online tech store NewEgg and other retailers like Fry’s Electronics, retail giant Best Buy, Dell, the HPDirect store and also at Microsoft’s own retail locations. So getting in on the fun is not going to be difficult for the general student crowd in the US. The promotion is in fact also valid in Canada, which means the kinds in the neighboring country would in getting on to the boat at the same time. And the Canadians will have to pay a lower price for it too — the lowest qualifying price in Canada is $599.

There are no specifications about the models of the laptops that will qualify for this promotion but the blog post that made the announcement does talk about the HP Envy 15, Dell XPS 13 and the Samsung Series 5 Ultra. Microsoft is of course targeting the back to the school crowd at the end of summer. And the best part is the upcoming release of the Windows 8.
Windows 8 is coming in October (so say the rumors) and if this offer is still then it will be quite the gift for the holidays. However, since release preview is already coming out, students would still be able to install and try out Windows 8.

Published: Thursday, May 31st, 2012 Last Modified: May 31, 2012

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