Microsoft Brings 4 New Games With Gold For August 2015

The Games With Gold promotion has been highly successful for gamers and consumers, and has helped propel the Xbox 360 and Xbox One into the lead among gaming consoles. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced the newest updates to the Games With Gold promotion, with a total of 4 new games arriving soon.

As usual, Microsoft is bringing two games to the Xbox 360 and two to the Xbox One, and are limited time promotions for the month of August. They do require the Xbox Live subscription, but at only $50-$60 per year, these games alone are worth the price, and worth downloading starting this weekend.

Microsoft Makes Metal Gear Free In August

Xbox One Gets Action

The Xbox One gets two games for the month of August. The first one it Metal Ground Solid V: Ground Zeros. This is set in 1975, and during the Cold War era. It has gadgetry, plenty of action, and has an open-world feel that many gamers love. It’s available all month of August for Xbox One users.

The second game up for the Xbox One is “How To Survive: Storm Warning Edition”. This one is a unique one, and is more of a zombie end of the world type of game. It drops you on an island with the world ending, and is all about fun. This one is available from August 16 to September 15 via Xbox Live.

Microsoft Gives Metro Games To Games With Gold Users In August

Xbox 360 Goes Metro

For the month of August, Microsoft is making multiple Metro titles available for download for free. They are making Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Night available during the month. They all revolve around the end of the world, and nuclear holocausts. It’s all about surviving, ammo, and guns.

Both of these games have been highly reviewed, and have top reviews from gamers. Metro 2033 is available from Aug 1 to Aug 15, and Metro: Last Night is available from August 16-31. Both of these are free, and definitely worth downloading. It doesn’t cost much, and are fun games to lose yourself in for a while.

August is great for Games With Gold. Start downloading these games soon.

Published: Wednesday, July 29th, 2015 Last Modified: July 29, 2015

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