Microsoft Bringing Xbox Upload To The Web

Watching video game clips and highlights is the hottest video trend around, and users spend thousands of hours per month watching them on Youtube and other outlets. Microsoft via its Upload app does this on the Xbox One, but they are only viewable on the device. That was until Wednesday, when Microsoft announced expansion for Xbox Upload.

Upload has become a very successful product on the Xbox One, and allows users to record game clips, share them online, share them with friends, and much more. The announcement on Wednesday about its expansion, means that Upload is going further than ever, giving gamers a new way to enjoy game videos and more.

Microsoft Looks To Expand Upload Service With Content and Expansion

Node Coming To Upload

One of the first things noted from Microsoft on the Upload expansion, was its deal with the Node team to build one of a kind original content. The Node Team is a channel created by Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch, and is available first on upload. These unique and game defying videos will premiere on Upload.

The original content deal with the Node team is meant to give users of Upload, original content on a weekly basis, along with the current content via game clips, videos, and other items on the service. This should keep users on Upload, using it more, and sharing their videos on Youtube and other outlets.

Microsoft Lets Users Upload Game Clips On Xbox Upload

View Upload On More Places

The other part of the Upload announcement was that Upload is expanding onto different formats, and beyond the Xbox One. The first part of the update, is the announcement, which will house the best of official upload content, and allow users to view Upload clips on the web, meaning they won’t need an Xbox One to view them.

Next up, Microsoft announced the coming of a Xbox 360 viewing app. The Xbox 360 doesn’t have Upload, but it will have the ability to view top videos, and have the channel feature some of the hottest games including Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, and many more. This expansion will be huge for Microsoft as Xbox 360 users number in the millions.

Upload is big for Microsoft and the Xbox. Maybe we will see it on its own channel on TV too?

Published: Thursday, November 6th, 2014 Last Modified: November 6, 2014

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