Microsoft Beginning to Show Off Cloud Saves Between Xbox Live and Windows Phone

Windows Phone Xbox Live Cloud Features

Microsoft is working on a tight integration between Windows Phone and XBOX that allows you to save “on the go”. The cloud feature that makes all this possible will be debuted later this year. More details after the break.

Microsoft’s “three screens and a cloud” feature seems to be becoming a reality later this year

For a long time Microsoft have been talking about playing a game on your phone, and then turning on your Xbox to resume where you left off. Previously, Microsoft had been calling this service “three screens and a cloud” back in 2009.

The feature was introduced in the 7.5 update to Windows Phone 7, which allow games to be be played between it and Xbox Live. The feature has now been taken advantage of for the first time with Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II.

Ken Balough, Digital Brand Manager at Sega, seemed to confirm the feature: “you’ll be able to play Sonic Episode II, save it, stop it, boot up your Xbox 360 and pick up right where you left off.”

If this is indeed the feature, then it would be welcome for Microsoft. Most users of Xbox Live have felt little need to buy into Microsoft’s mobile devices because of limited integration into the Xbox 360, though with a game now featuring the feature – and with a big publisher such as Sega behind it – that feeling could begin to change.

There’s no word on whether this is exclusive to Microsoft’s devices, considering the game is coming to iOS and Android too. It would be surprising, however, if the feature wasn’t exclusive to Microsoft.

SkyDrive tightly integrated into Window 8

There were also rundowns of Microsoft’s cloud service – SkyDrive – in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, and how the company is making users aware of the service in their newest OS.

SkyDrive is implemented in such as a way that every file downloaded can be saved and uploaded to the cloud, and the new Metro interface allows users to easily access files and folders (which are indicated by different size tiles). In previous versions of Windows, the integration with Windows was lacking and rival services such as a Dropbox became more popular due to their desktop apps.

What’s more, users can also access their files remotely: if a file has not been uploaded to SkyDrive, users can remotely access it.

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview can be downloaded from, if you are unsure where to get a product key, read this:

Where to get a product key for Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Published: Friday, March 16th, 2012 Last Modified: March 16, 2012

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