Microsoft Band Gets Cycling and Sleep Data Updates

The Microsoft Band product is the first wearable product from Microsoft, and is a fairly unique one at that. It didn’t get much fanfare, and reviews have been somewhat positive, giving it some traction in the market. On Wednesday, Microsoft issued major updates to help cyclers and those seeking sleep data.

Fitness bands like the Microsoft Band have been very popular with cyclists, as they allow users to track rides, see GPS maps of their rides and more. The updates to the Microsoft Band on Wednesday give them more than that, and also integrates with sleep analytics available to users for sleeping.

Microsoft Updates Microsoft Band With Cycling and Sleep Data Updates

Cycling Updates For Band

With Wednesday’s updates to the Microsoft Band, now the unit will integrate with Strava and MapMyRide, which will allow for tracking of cycling data. This will allow users to track and map their cycling rides using these two major services, and these will help cyclists during their rides around the world.

Upcoming updates with the cycling features will soon also include the ability to track steps using the sensors in the unit. For those who aren’t wearing it, the update will also help them track the steps as well. The sales for these units will also be expanding beyond just the Microsoft Retail Stores.

New Data For Microsoft Band Should Please Cyclists & Sleepers

Sleep Data Updates

Along with the updates for cyclists, the Microsoft Band also received updates for those looking to track sleep data. Next week, the unit will allow people to compare their sleep against others using Microsoft Health. It will also include in-depth sleep information, such as maximum oxygen and more.

These sleep analytic sets of data are important for those analyzing their sleeping patterns, the amount of oxygen taken in, and much more. It may seem minimally important for those wearing the band for fitness, but it serves different needs for many users. These updates should be available next week from Microsoft.

The Microsoft Band is getting better slowly. These new updates for cycling and sleep should help it sell more and get better..

Published: Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 Last Modified: April 23, 2015

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