Microsoft Azure Now Available In Brazil

Microsoft Azure is slowly conquering the globe, and as it does, it is moving into more and more countries by the month. Brazil is one of the most eagerly awaited countries for Microsoft Azure, and its public preview was huge. On Thursday, Microsoft announced it was now open for all.

The release and opening of Microsoft Azure for Brazil in general availability is huge for the enterprise sector in Brazil. Brazil has one of the most emerging economies on the planet, and Microsoft has joined the other companies in the area building cloud infrasructures for them.

Microsoft Azure Opens Up In Brazil For General Availability

Incredible Demand Noted

In its post on the Official Microsoft Blog, Takeshi Numoto, who heads up the Cloud and Enterprise Marketing at Microsoft, noted that there has already been an incredible demand for global enterprise public cloud offerings in Brazil. This incredible demand will only help Azure grow quickly in the country.

In its public preview, Microsoft saw more than 1,000 new customers join Azure every day, and revenue for it grew more than 150 percent in the last quarter. This is huge for Azure, and it shows the Microsoft name in the cloud is a huge thing. This general availability means that more enterprise companies can join Microsoft Azure today.

Microsoft's Steve Martin Leads Microsoft Azure Team Into Brazil

Azure Growing With Support

Microsoft noted that in Brazil, companies such as Boa Vista Servicos, Totvs, SilpanControl-M, and Shop Delivery have already joined on Microsoft Azure, and are powering their companies using it. These companies are looking for the increased network redundancy, lower latency, and increased durability to help them grow.

Microsoft also noted that they are doubling their capacity every six months, and have over 8,000 new customers per week. They have grown quickly around the planet, and have expanded to the big countries of China and Japan, and Brazil is another one in their milestones. Microsoft Azure is gaining steam around the planet, and these big countries are already using Azure today, and will only use Microsoft Azure more as the years go ahead. Brazil is a huge market, and as the World Cup nears, it means Brazil will grow as well.

I love Microsoft Azure and love its expansion. Brazil is a great market, and I can’t wait to see where they grow next.

Published: Friday, June 6th, 2014 Last Modified: June 6, 2014

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