Microsoft Appoint Satya Nadella as CEO

Microsoft is preparing for change as Satya Nadella has been named CEO of the company.What changes can we expect due to this change at the top.

Microsoft Changes – Expect A Unified Vision

Steve Ballmer stepped down from his position which has seen Satya Nadella taking over the leadership position.He was chosen by the board, promoted from within the company, it is also widely believed he has a staggering support base internally.

What this means is that any direction he chooses to pursue will most likely be achieved and supported by the masses involved in a corporation of Microsoft’s size.


It is worth mentioning that Bill Gates has changed his position on the board to technology advisor in order to advice in strategy issues in order to shape the company’s future.

Microsoft Hope To Keep a Strong Hold On The Enterprise Market

Due to the new CEO’s background and the company’s market share in key enterprise areas it only makes sense for Satya Nadella to consolidate and then innovate on the market he knows so deeply.


An imminent move to the cloud also means faster to market product launches, especially services in the company’s operating system business and office productivity suite.

It will be interesting to see how fast we can expect to see changes in this regard.

Microsoft Aim For Rise of Windows on Mobile Devices

Many tech analysts have been suprised by how Windows Mobile is grabbing market share in Europe and other important markets. By integrating user’s data and a seamless experience on multiple devices, the company is strongly positioning itself for the future.


By providing a real desktop experience the company has done what was previously thought as unachievable, which is taking market share from the Android operating system and from Apple’s ecosystem.

Is it possible that Windows Mobile becomes the de-facto standard for business users in the years to come due to its enterprise strengths.

Published: Friday, February 7th, 2014 Last Modified: February 7, 2014

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