Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Plans For Summer

Microsoft is definitely making Windows 10 the center of its focus for 2015, and Windows 10 is going to get a lot larger as the year rolls on. On Tuesday, Microsoft’s Terry Myerson during the Windows Hardware Engineering Community in China, detailed the plans for Windows 10 this Summer.

The keynote speech given on Tuesday, was to talk about the future of Windows 10, its partners, and the goals for the upcoming year. China is the focus of Microsoft’s plans for Windows 10, as its partners and manufacturing partners are there. It’s big plan though is set for 190 countries this Summer.

Microsoft Talks Windows 10 Global Launch At WINHEC Event In China

Global Plans For Windows 10

In the speech given on Tuesday, Microsoft stated that the goal is to bring Windows 10 to over 190 countries and 111 languages. China though was its main focus on Tuesday, and sees hundreds of millions of PC’s, tablets, and phones as its focus. Upgrading customers in China with Windows 10 was the focus of the talk.

Microsoft is teaming up with Lenovo, Tencent, and Qihu 360 to give users a free upgrade to Windows 10 when it comes out. Lenovo will offer it at 2500 service centers, Tencent will offer it as part of an upgrade pack, and other partners will roll it out as part of their plans later this year as well.

Microsoft's Terry Myerson Talks The Future Of Windows 10 In China During Event

Hardware Innovations With Windows 10

In addition to the security updates with Qihu 360 and Xiaomi’s smart phone partnerships, Microsoft is also showcasing that hardware advancements can be made with Windows 10. Windows Hello is part of that plan, and will include biometric authentication to keep systems safer, and more secure for users.

Microsoft is also unveiling plans for manufacturers to use Windows on smaller IoT devices. These can range from ATM machines, to Raspberry Pi machines, and a number of other hardware platforms. Windows 10 has a small footprint, and now it can be unveiled on a number of new hardware platforms in China to around the world.

Windows 10 is getting closer. In China, its ahead of the game, and it needs to since many of the Windows 10 devices are coming from there soon.

Published: Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 Last Modified: March 18, 2015

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