Microsoft Announces September Games With Gold

The Games With Gold product is a Microsoft product with a lot of fans, and one that leverages itself away from the Playstation 4 in the console wars. On Friday, Microsoft announced the newest games to be added to the September lineup, which will make Halo fans happy.

The point of the Games With Gold program, is to entice users to join Xbox Live Gold, and with that, get free games every month for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The latest free game offers are good products and fun games, and free games are always something than makes games cheerful.

Microsoft Gives Away Halo:Reach In September For Games With Gold Program

Xbox 360 Games

Microsoft announced two games coming in September for the Xbox 360 on its Games With Gold program. The first game is Monaco: What’s Mine Is Yours. This normally $14.99 indie game is a team-based stealth game with retro graphics, and allows for groups of friends to solve heists and play puzzles for a fun time together.

Additionally, Microsoft also announced Halo: Reach as the second game available during September. This game continues the evolution of Halo on the Xbox 360, and features all the parts of Halo that will please gamers. From aliens, to lots of action, shooting, and a fun overall Halo feel.

Microsoft Gives Xbox One Users Super Time Force As Free September Game

Xbox One Game

For Xbox One fans, there is one game available from Microsoft and it goes by the name of Super Time Force. This normally $14.99 game is a slide-scrolling type of game, and features lots of action. Users can dodge items thrown at them, rewind the game at any moment, and continue teamwork victories in the game.

This game for the Xbox One while its not a big name as many fans would like, is a very fun game that all ages with enjoy. It is available all month during the Games With Gold program, and is definitely full of action, colorful graphics, and fun. It’s a definitely fun download, and if you have Xbox Live Gold, is a must download. It’s free, and a fun game to play for any ages.

September has lots of fun games from Microsoft. If you don’t subscribe to Xbox Live Gold, you are missing out.

Published: Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014 Last Modified: September 2, 2014

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