Microsoft Announces Pre-Orders For Newest Surface & Band

With the Microsoft Event happening in the past week, the rush to get new pre-orders ready for consumers has been a top request at Microsoft. On Friday, Microsoft announced pre-order availability of its newest Surface and Band products for users.

During its Windows Blog announcement, Microsoft announced Pre-Orders for the Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, and Microsoft Band 2. They are looking to get these units into consumer hands by the end of October, and that is great for a consumer launch.

Microsoft Announces Pre-Orders For Newest Devices

Surface Pre-Orders

The first item up for pre-orders is the Surface Book. This is the 13-inch laptop that is much more than a traditional laptop. It is twice as fast as the MacBook Pro, features top-end Intel processors, and comes with a clipboard, touch screen and a pen.

Next, Microsoft announced pre-order status for the Surface Pro 4. This is the next generation Surface Pro device, and is lighter, capable of more RAM, and up to 1 TB SSD drive. It also features a new Surface Pen, and a larger trackpad for users to enjoy.

Microsoft Puts Band 2 Up For Pre-Orders

Band 2 and Pricing

Third up is the pre-order opening for the Microsoft Band 2. This newest wearable is aimed for a October 30th launch, and will be $249.99. It is more curved than before, has a new barometer, GPS, and sensors, and also features new API’s for developers.

The Band 2 will be $249.99 as noted, with other prices coming now to realization. The Surface Book is aimed at $1,4999 to start, and comes in a number of configurations. The Surface Pro 4 is going to start at $899, and increase with various configurations available as well.

Get your pre-orders going today if you want these devices. I want a Surface Pro 4, and am putting it on my list to Santa now

Published: Monday, October 12th, 2015 Last Modified: October 12, 2015

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