Microsoft Announces October Xbox One Updates

The Xbox One from Microsoft is getting updates faster than anyone would ever imagine, and the monthly updates are making users happy. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced the latest updates coming to the Xbox One in October, which are numerous at best, and will make for a very happy October.

There are easily over 10 different updates coming to the Xbox One in October, and they are starting to come to the preview group now. Microsoft did a lengthy blog post on this on Tuesday, and is showing users that the Xbox One is the next generation console to own.

Microsoft Talks Up October Xbox One Updates

Snap & Friend Updates

The Snap Center has been overhauled and will include quick access to friends, messages, game DVR, clocks, and battery indicators. A user can double tap the Xbox button and bring up apps in the center. Additionally, the friends Snap App will show the list of friends online, and show off messages as well.

The Achievements App will show off unlocked achievements during gameplay for users and friends. A new Friends section will show what friends are doing, what their gamerscore is up to, and much more. Lastly, SmartGlass features have been updated to show what friends are doing during the SmartGlass feature of the Xbox One.

Microsoft's Major Nelson Releases Dish On October Xbox One News

TV & Video Updates

DLNA streaming will now be included for users as well as MKV support for files stored on a USB device. Live TV trending will be enabled in the next week, and show what popular shows are on TV. the Xbox One TV Tuner will be supported for the European audience with the update too. Also, users can stream TV across their network to their SnartGlass devices.

Other updates include a new MiniGuide for live TV, a new OneGuide in 12 new countries, new Internet TV apps, and a Universal Remote Control in SmartGlass. These last features are only available in those 12 countries listed. Updated devices and accessories pages, firmware update, and the ability to hide games and apps on the console have also been updated. These is a lot going on in October, and it should be great.

I want in the preview program. I love these updates and want them now for my Xbox One, don’t you?

Published: Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 Last Modified: September 10, 2014

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