Microsoft Announces New SmartGlass To Mobile Devices

With the Xbox One finally getting a release date this week, Microsoft announced a new update and version of SmartGlass to mobile devices. The new versions will be coming to iOS, Windows Phone, and Android devices, and will give users a new way to enjoy the Xbox One.

The free app is available from all the mobile stores, and will only work with the Xbox One. The Xbox 360 won’t work with this new SmartGlass update, which might disappoint some users. This forward thinking is meant to make the Xbox One and SmartGlass the ultimate gaming combo.


15 SmartGlasses At Once

With the new version of the upcoming SmartGlass, up to 15 different friends can bring over their SmartGlass devices and connect them at the same time. The virtual party among the huge gaming party will make the games go further than just the TV, and will make mobile devices part of the group gaming experience.

Connectivity Times Increased

One of the comments made by Microsoft today via an interview, stated that the Smart device and Smart Glass will work up to 3.5 times faster than the Xbox 360 version currently available. The setup of the new version is supposed to take just seconds, and will see the Xbox One on the home network according to the interview.

Games To Include SmartGlass Abilities

What will need to happen with the newest releases of games for the Xbox One, will be the ability to use SmartGlass. The DVR functionality will be included into the system, but Microsoft is trying to get more and more game developers to bundle the SmartGlass functionality within the new games coming out.

Imagine game replays and manuals on your mobile device while playing the Xbox One console. That is what Microsoft is gaming after, and with its leverage among gaming companies, should be able to get SmartGlass pushed out quickly to users of the Xbox One this upcoming November. What is still a question though, is how quickly consumers will adopt to the SmartGlass options on their mobile devices, and will they care. Perhaps increased gaming stats and other new features will help it along, and make SmartGlass on the Xbox One a hit.

Published: Saturday, September 7th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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