Microsoft Announces New Games For Gold For November 2014

By far, the Games With Gold promotion on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One has been a great success. It allows users to get free games every month just for subscribing to the Xbox Live Gold ecosystem. On Friday, Microsoft and Major Nelson announced its newest games, which gives three games to Xbox gamers.

In a move to battle Sony’s similar game giveaway every month, Microsof gives away several games on each platform to its users. By getting users to spend $55 per year on the Xbox Live Gold subscription, Microsoft is enjoying these revenues per user, and rewarding them with great games.

Microsoft Gives Xbox One Users Volgarr The Viking For Free

Xbox One Gets Volgarr The Viking

The Xbox One has been getting one to two games per month, and Microsoft is giving its newest gaming console owners games they can play and enjoy. The latest move to include Volgarr The Viking on the Xbox One will give them a fun game, and one that highlights the independent game developer world of the [email protected] program from Microsoft.

The game itself is a very easy game to play, and makes itself feel like a game from the 1980’s, where it only needed a few buttons to enjoy it. It is set back in the Viking days, and is an arcade type game that is simple to enjoy from all ages. It has classic animation, easy to use controls, a fun soundtrack, and gameplay that can be very addicting.

Microsoft Highlights Two Fun Games For XBox 360 Giveaway

Two Games For Xbox 360 In November

For the Xbox 360 fanbase, Microsoft is double the number of free games, and giving users two games to enjoy for the month. These two games are very successful and have been high demand games from users. This means that the Games With Gold promotion is working, and both platforms are winning.

The first part of November 2014, brings Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise to Xbox 360 fans. This $14.99 ERP game is a ton of fun, and doesn’t require much skills to enjoy. The second half of the month brings Xbox 360 users Red Faction: Guerrlla, and this $19.99 game is full of action, intense strategy, and fun. It’s two free games, and a great selection for the month.

Xbox One and Xbox 360 get great games in November. These fun games are hot, and perfect downloads to enjoy for free.

Published: Saturday, November 1st, 2014 Last Modified: November 3, 2014

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