Microsoft Announces New Fifth Avenue Store

Many have speculated about a possible new flaghip store in New York City, but these rumors have often come and gone without any fanfare. But on Monday, Microsoft officially announced plans for a Fifth Avenue Microsoft Store, making it one of the biggest Microsoft Stores in the US and Worldwide.

This new New York City flagsthip store is going to be one of the biggest stores for Microsoft to build. It will be nearby the Apple Store and other big name fashion stores in New York City, and will highlight the power of Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, and other Microsoft products. While the opening date hasn’t been announced, its anticipation will bring it big lines for the opening.

Microsoft Announces New New York Flagship Store

New York City Store Details

In its blog post on the Official Microsoft Blog, Microsoft game some details about the store. While Microsoft has 104 stores around the globe, this store will be one of the most exciting stores to open. With the amount of traffic that New York City receives, and the closeness to the Apple Store, this store will get millions of visitors, and give Microsoft fans a reason to visit.

The store is aimed for 677 5th Avenue in New York City. It is considered the first flagship store for the company, and is going to be the centerpiece for Microsoft’s Store evolution. It will be a combination retail, experimental store, and feature all of its newest technologies. Microsoft wants this store to showcase its efforts, and will spend millions doing that in the future.

Microsoft's NY Store Will Have Same MS Store Designs But Much More Inside

Why In New York City?

With Microsoft going through its transition from a devices to cloud company, many ask why Microsoft would build such a huge store in New York City? It’s pretty simple actually. It means that their enterprise and business customers will be close-by, and make sure that new business and enterprise customers can come by and look at the newest Windows and Microsoft offerings.

In addition, Microsoft can also steal the thunder away from Apple nearby, and show off the Surface, Xbox, and other Windows products. It will have a tremenoud amount of traffic during its opening, and this type of store can change the course of the company with its success or failure. Based on 100 plus stores, we are sure Microsoft will do it right.

This is great news for NYC fans. It means Microsoft is coming soon, and with a heck of a fun store soon.

Published: Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 Last Modified: October 1, 2014

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