Microsoft Announces Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine Learning

Microsoft on Tuesday, announced the immediate availability of the Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine. This is to be used on the Azure marketplace, and is specialized for data scientists and advanced analytics.

The availability of this set of virtual machines is meant for data intensive applications, and are looking for on-demand access to analytics. It comes with sets of tools built into it, and the Azure hosting that is solid in the cloud.

Microsoft Launches Tools For Azure Data Modelers

Pre-Installed Tools Inside

With the data science VM, Microsoft has pre-installed a number of tools for users to start using immediately. They include revolution R open, anaconda python, virtual studio community edition, power bi desktop, sql service express edition, and the Azure SDK.

Users looking to try this out can launch a virtual machine right away, and get started with modeling their data and analyzing it. All of the data is stored in the cloud, and users are then able to install their own software as well.

Microsoft Gives Data Analytics Tools To Users In Azure Update

On-Demand Data Modeling & Analytics

What makes this set of Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machines special, is the on-demand nature of it. Users get full admin rights to the machines, and pay for the actual hardware computer usage whenever they use it.

Users can turn off the machine when not in use, restart the machine when needed, and create rapidly needed analytics solutions when needed. Pricing is available for those interested, and Microsoft is offering a 30-day free Azure trial to try it out.

Analytics and modelers love big data. Now with MDSVM’s, Microsoft gives it to them in the cloud, and starting today.

Published: Wednesday, November 25th, 2015 Last Modified: November 25, 2015

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