Microsoft Announces February Xbox One Updates

The Xbox One has gotten a number of updates to it, since the platform was launched little more than an hour ago. The updates have made the Xbox One a best selling next generation platform. On Friday, updates for February were announced, making the February updates something to look forward to.

The February 2015 updates to the Xbox One system are the first major system updates of the year. Microsoft has been carefully listening to users, and is bringing out users requests with these sets of initial 2015 updates. It starts with controller updates and continues on with game hubs.

Microsoft Issues Big Updates For Xbox One In February

Controller Updates & Game Hubs

The first thing that Xbox One users will see is the quicker connect time for controllers. It was brought down from five seconds to two, and that should please many. Updates to the stability and the overall bug fixes to the controller have also been addressed. Updating the controller via USB should update this feature.

New game hubs have been introduced, and these are mini areas were game info, tips, and tricks will be shared. It is available from the menu button and then viewing game hub. It has been completely introduced as a new feature, and looks very nice. This should be a huge feature for Xbox One users.

Xbox One Gets February Update Love From Microsoft With Updates

Party Chat Updates & More

Party chat updates have also been introduced, with updated chat connection status updates, improved connectivity between multiple participants, game and party invitiation updates, and performance updates. All of these will make the party chats of the Xbox One system pop better and make it run better.

Custom backgrounds and tile transparency have bean updated, meaning custom background have been introduced to users. Lastly, tv updates are now available. Now tv trendings in the OneGuide will roll out, live TV trending, improved controls of TV’s, trick play with the Xbox One, and TV streaming on Windows Phone and Android phones.

These are big updates for the Xbox One. They are available now to download and try.

Published: Tuesday, February 10th, 2015 Last Modified: February 10, 2015

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