Microsoft Announces August Games With Gold

The Games With Gold has been extremely popular from Microsoft, and it encourages and gets gamers to join Xbox Live Gold for the games. On Monday, Microsoft announced the latest additions to the latest August additions, which gives four games to Xbox Live users for free.

The August Games For Gold promo from Microsoft gives Xbox One users two free games, and Xbox 360 users 2 free games as well. They are time sensitive for the dates of availability, but showcase the free games available to users when they join Xbox Live Gold on either device.

Microsoft Shows Off Dishonored As Games With Gold Game For Xbox 360 Fans

Xbox 360 Free Games

The first game available from Microsoft in August is Motorcross Madness by Bongfish GmbH. It’s a fun motorcycle racing game full of dirt tracks, mud pits, and all kinds of motorcycle racing action. Users can play others online, and have a ton of fun. It will be available from Aug 1-15 for Xbox 360 fans.

The second game is Dishonored from Arkane Studios, and this $20 game is a must download for Xbox 360 fans. This is an award-winning steampunk game, and is the assassin’s job to protect the princess and keep her safe. It has a ton of action, and requires a brain to keep her alive. This is available from Aug 16-31.

Microsoft Gives Away Crimson Dragon To Xbox One Users In August

Xbox One Games For Free

The Xbox One gets two free games in August, with the first being Crimson Dragon by Groundling/Land Ho. It’s a fun shooter game in the fantasy world, and users are able to join others in co-op battles and fight using dragons. It has a great soundtrack and is a ton of fun. This is available Aug 1-31 for Xbox One users.

The other free game is Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut by Born Ready Games. It is the first title from the [email protected] program, and it a flight simulator and battle game that takes place in space. It has awesome graphics, requires a ton of thought, and allows for great space simulator fun on the Xbox One. It will also be available Aug 1-31.

The Games With Gold program is awesome from Microsoft. Now, 4 free games for users, all for using Xbox Live Gold.

Published: Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 Last Modified: July 29, 2014

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