Microsoft Announces 100 Million Downloads of Mobile Office

The Office product for iOS and Android has been a very successful product for Microsoft, and the enterprise customers are leading the way. On Friday, Microsoft announced the latest numbers along with earnings, announcing the total users at over 100 miilion.

With the announcement of over 100 million downloads of Office on iOS and Android, Microsoft is actually exceeding analysts expectations, and exceeding those of their own. The financial results call by Satya Nadella showed that his reinvention of the company is working.

Microsoft Sees Office Mobile Growth Of 100 Million Downloads

100 Million Downloads

Satya Nadella during the Microsoft earnings call announced that the downloads of the iOS and Android platforms have exceeded 100 million. This is a very good thing for Microsoft, as they finally nailed down the mobile platform, and are giving customers tools they need.

Microsoft made the Office set of applications free, and have regularly been at the top of the iOS and Google Play charts. It allows most users to complete most of the tasks they need, and requires an Office 365 subscription to do more advanced things to their files.

Microsoft Gives Mobile Office To Users Via Office Online and Office 365

Increased Office 365 Growth Also

As Microsoft is using the Android and iOS versions of Office and its apps to grow the mobile section of their business, they are also seeing more Office 365 subscribers. Office 365 is still relatively a low cost program, and gives users these mobile apps too.

By getting users onto the Office 365 platform, Microsoft is building up its subscription based revenue stream, and getting customers updated apps for the desktop, laptop, and mobile platforms. All of this means more money for Microsoft and for its shareholders.

Office for Mobile has been big for Microsoft. It works, and it will continue to grow as Microsoft grows as well.

Published: Monday, April 27th, 2015 Last Modified: April 27, 2015

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