Microsoft Announced Largest Free eBook Giveaway Ever

Microsoft has a huge supply of ebooks available for a ton of topics, ranging from the simple Windows tutorials up to the most advanced server side technologies. On Monday, Microsoft announced a new list of over 300 free eBooks available for no charge free from Microsoft.

The free eBook giveaway was announced on Eric Ligman’s Microsoft’s MSDN blog on Monday. He has long given away a list of technical eBooks for users, but this huge collection of over 300 is by far the biggest ever. If you ever wanted to learn about Microsoft’s products, now is the time.

Microsoft's Eric Ligman Releases 300 eBook Titles For Free Download

eBooks On All Topics Including Windows 8.1

Many would expect that Microsoft would only be giving away older eBooks in this giveaway, but they are giving away Windows 8.1 books as well. From Introducing Windows 8.1 for IT professionals, Windows 8.1 Deployment Planning – A Guide To Education, and a Windows 8.1 Update Quick Guide for Business, they are available for free.

The collection covers the full range of Windows, Office, Dynamics, Powershell, and other Microsoft products. Office eBooks cover getting to know Office 365, exploring SharePoint, quick guides for Office 365, and a multitude of other eBook selections. One can download them one by one, or save them all for future reading.

Microsoft's eBook Giveaway Includes Windows 8.1 And More

Invaluable Resources In All Formats

Via this giveaway, Microsoft has made these eBooks available in ePub, PDF, DOC, MOBI, and other formats so any eBook reader can view them. They are great to save in a OneDrive account for instance, and keep available for viewing at a moments notice. They can be for the average user, a Microsoft product professional, or a systems IT manager.

This collection of over 300 eBooks is massive and no other company is doing such a giveaway like this. While some of these might be technical whitepapers in some eBooks, they are an amazing tool for Windows and Microsoft users. Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is there, Azure is there, Exchange Server 2013 is there, and many more. Try one, try 100 of them, or download all 300 for free.

This collection of eBooks is massive and free. Grab a link, save space, and download them all and learn.

Published: Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 Last Modified: July 8, 2014

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