Microsoft and Sony: The Console Wars

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced a whole bunch of additional details for the Xbox One at gamescom in Germany. In addition, Sony had their own announcements for the launch of the Playstation 4. Who is ahead, who is right, and which console will win the holiday wars?

With Tuesday’s battling announcements in the console and gaming space, both Sony and Microsoft aimed to get the word out quick on their prospective console units. The large amount of information leaves users wondering which unit will be right for them come November.


Playstation 4 Due November 15th

What we do know about the Playstation 4 is that it will be available on November 15th. It is priced at $399 according to Sony, a full $100 less than the Xbox One. Sony plans to have 33 games available for the console unit by the end of December, 2013 and has received over one million pre-orders according to the company, and will be available in 32 markets.

Xbox One Due November 2013 Too

We learned on Tuesday, that the Xbox One will be available sometime in November and for $499. Microsoft has upwards of 50 different games available, but will scale back the launch to 6-7 different main countries, much less than Sony’s Playstation 4. Bundled though with the unit, will be the Kinect. Additionally, Fifa and other games will be bundled in European packages according to Microsoft.

Who Wins?

It’s hard to say who the winner is at the end of the day with these two companies. Both had major announcements, both are still aiming for November, and are $100 apart. Clearly, Sony with one million pre-orders has the upper lead and in 32 markets outdistances themselves from Microsoft in the global launch. But 50 games vs 33 will also make a difference at the store shelves.

Clearly, both companies are gunning for each other and timed their announcements like clockwork. Microsoft seems to be the winner in regards to the Xbox One with more games and power, but only the shoppers will decide the fate come the end of November, when both of these consoles will be flying off the store shelves at a rapid pace.

Published: Monday, August 26th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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